We provide one-on-one personalised services from an experienced HABZ Facilitator whose will listen to your situation, offer support, provide options, information and possibilities.

How it works?

  1. Simply complete the form.
  2. One of our staff will be in contact with you shortly to book a convenient time for discussion.  HABZ is available for consultations between 9am and 3pm or 7pm to 11pm.
  3. During this time we will listen to your situation as we understand you are going through a really difficult time.  We will listen, we will support you and we will provide suggestions and options for yourself or your loved one.

    We understand each situation is different.  We understand the importance of your privacy and all calls remain confidential.   All information provided by you will remain the property of HABZ and will not be provided to any third party.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the phone consultation is $50.00

How long does it take?

Typically the phone call lasts around 20-30 minutes. 

What to expect

HABZ has supported many individuals on their road to recovery.  HABZ has formed positive relationships with a number of facilities both public and private and understands the assessment process to help your loved on the road to recovery.

  • Will listen to your situation
  • Assess what your options are and respect your privacy, rights and choice
  • Assist you in accessing relevant resources and services
  • Detox/Withdrawal
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transition
  • Monitoring
  • Provide direct and personalised assistance
  • Assist participants in the development of their own individual recovery plans
  • Support and tools for family and carers

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