HABZ is here to help families and individuals address substance use and plan for recovery.  Not every person will be willing.  Not every person has to hit bottom.  Many people labelled "unwilling"  are actually confused, scared and too impaired to think straight - they deserve help also.  We want to help families find the solution to engage the unwilling.  When possible, family should be the cornerstone of the recovery team.  Isolation feeds addiction; connection feeds recovery.  We understand there will be complications and hurdles to jump along the way including lengthy waiting lists, legal implications, children to care for, housing issues and more.  Let us help you deal with your situation today.

Facilitative Support Services

HABZ provides facilitative support to families and substance users. These services include: 

  • Will listen to your situation
  • Assess what your options are and respect your privacy, rights and choice
  • Assist you in accessing relevant resources and services
  • Detox/Withdrawal
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transition
  • Monitoring
  • Provide direct and personalised assistance
  • Assist participants in the development of their own individual recovery plans
  • Support and tools for family and carers

HABZ will engage in the role and function of facilitating support services and guiding you whilst you manage yourself or a loved one seeking recovery from substance use.   

Legal Support

Having the right information is fundamental in defending a criminal charge. When you are charged, it may seem daunting and uncertain about what to do next.

When you have been charged with drug related offences you can show the Court that you have a drug dependence, evidence that you have taken steps to address the dependence, such as enrolling in a rehabilitation center for treatment, which then becomes strong evidence in support of your case.

HABZ is able to provide support to address your legal matters. This includes:

  • Criminal charges
  • Fare evasion
  • Traffic offences
  • Enforcement Order for Special Circumstances
  • Family Law
  • Expert Advice

Substance use can be a contributing cause to legal implications. HABZ can help you consider what steps to undertake in addressing your substance use prior to presenting to the Court.  Criminal charges can have a serious impact on your life. It is important to seek professional legal advice as to what options you have if you have been charged.   If you require assistance in obtaining legal representation, HABZ can guide you through the process and arrange representation for a fixed price fee in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia -  Book a phone consultation now.

Health and Wellbeing

Self care and learning to live well are critical to your recovery.

  • Empower a person to commence their own steps towards recovery
  • Minimise ill health – harm minimisation
  • Nutritional information
  • Participate in strategies to alleviate stress, anxiety, craving and urges

HABZ is a user friendly, innovative and collaborative informative health and wellbeing project and service. 

HABZ recognises that good nutrition can also help heal damage to the body caused by the depletion of nutrients common in substance abuse.