HABZ has compiled a number of resources to help you and your support network understand the addiction cycle and find the most appropriate facility to suit your personal requirements. 

Our resource pages include a number of downloadable tools that you can use to help during recovery, videos from others who have been and are going through what you are going through and information on the addiction process and what to do or expect in certain situations.

Starting recovery

Making the decision to get help and starting the road to recovery is a brave step.  The following links will give you some initial information on understanding addiction, what to expect during withdrawal and some tools to help you plan ahead. Learn more about:

The Addiction Cycle

The impact of shame, guilt and remorse

Symptoms of withdrawal

How thoughts influence decisions and behaviours

Tips for assessing cravings and urges

Getting treatment

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made in relation to getting treatment. Firstly you and your family need decide on which facility is best suited to your needs. Then once you have selected and been accepted into a program it is good to know the inpatient and outpatient services available to you and what they include. Learn more about:

Getting treatment

Finding a facility

Inpatient services

Outpatient services

Health and wellbeing

As you progress throughout recovery it is important to take care of your body and mind. 

Diet and exercise are crucial for helping to normalise your body and to replace  vitamins and minerals that are leeched from the body due to drug use. Learn more about:

Health and wellbeing

The road to health and recovery


How to connect back to nature

The importance of breathing properly

How your attitude affects your recovery

Help myself

You are in recovery if you say you are in recovery.  No one can deny you entry and no approval is needed - only multiple pathways. 

HABZ has complied a number of tools to help you help yourself understand and support you throughout recovery. Many of these tools you can print off at home and keep on hand to help you identify and work through situations that may compromise your recovery. 

Learn more about: 

Helping yourself

Starting recovery

Assessing your cravings and urges

Setting a contingency plan to avoid drugs

Forward thinking - tips for coping and managing cravings

Helpful links

You’ll find a number of links on this page to resources to help family members and users seeking specific information or someone to talk to. We have provided links for: 

Helpful links

Grandparents of children affected by an addicted parent

Siblings of substance users

Mental health support

Trauma support

Drug court information

National drug support services

National, State and Territory services