Earlier this year I purchased tickets to see The Resilience Project, founded and presented by Hugh van Cuylenburg.

Hugh’s presentation of ‘The Resilience Project’ was life changing for myself as I realised that gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present.

I now take time to reflect on our day about what we are grateful for. It has also helped me concentrate on mindfulness and living in the moment.

Hugh explained that while the psychological theories are complex, and how he has broken it down to a simple equation: “resilience and happiness are based on the three pillars of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness”.

Hugh explained to the audience that through writing in a daily gratitude journal for 21 days can rewire the brain to search for the positive aspects of life.

For many, breaking the cycle of guilt, anger and resentment can begin by finding an expressing gratitude.

Learning to live in gratitude takes practice.  Here are a few ideas that helped me learn this new way of living:

Write about gratitude each morning or night in a gratitude journal. Set your phone alarm and just write about things in life today that you are grateful for.  Even just 5 minutes a day can give you a solid beginning to living in gratitude. I honestly think writing your gratitude list each morning prepares you with positive thoughts to start your day. When you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or ‘victimized’, rather than reacting to that feeling, STOP and think until you can come up with something you are grateful for at that moment. This exercise can help you move through a negative emotion without allowing it to become a trigger. Keeping a gratitude list or journal will allow you to look back and see how much you have grown as a person. Express gratitude to people in your life daily. Thank people for their kindnesses, listening ear and helpful actions.  This not only keeps you focused on the good in life but will also give the other person a feeling of gratitude also.

Life is not perfect, however, choosing to live in gratitude can significantly improve your life in ways such as increasing lasting happiness, protecting yourself from negativity, may lead to better relationships and, most of all, will strengthen your willpower to make better decisions.

Start your gratitude list tomorrow by writing down 5 things you are grateful for.

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