We can’t deny the amazing and unique relationship that exits between our brain and our hands. This connection is even more apparent when we pick up a pen and allow our own emotional energy to be released and transformed into print on paper. When we embrace journaling, we allow ourselves to begin to process and move on from the mental grips of both drama and trauma. It can provide an instant relief and greater clarity.

Stress often comes from emotional blockages and overthinking hypotheticals. Journaling helps us to ground ourselves and works as an outlet for processing these emotions which in turn creates a greater self-awareness.

It is actually quite epic when you start writing and the words start to flow and you just can’t stop. Suddenly there is an emotional release and the stream of consciousness writing delivers so many thoughts, ideas, goals and develops an overall sense of awareness.

I’m a big believer in mindfulness and the strong connection it has to one’s happiness. Journaling brings you into a state of mindfulness, as you write about your frustration, resentment and anxiety. When you acknowledge these feelings, they begin to lose their power over that present moment. Once you’re feeling back in control and grounded, you’re better equipped to focus your attention and lead yourself to a pathway to positive self-growth.

6 Tips for journaling:

  1. Keep your journal handy, so you can write whenever you feel the desire.
  2. Don’t stress about grammar and spelling, allow your thoughts to flow freely onto the paper.
  3. If there is something that is painful to write about, try writing it in third person.
  4. Write goals which signal to your brain what it is that is important to you.
  5. Embrace your creativity with drawings and include some photos too, especially of people and places that build your positivity.
  6. Try to finish with an attitude of gratitude: consider the aspects of your life that you’re grateful for or include a positive quote or inspiring lyrics.

It is essential to set aside some time to write, so make sure you start journaling today!