HABZ was founded by Jane Stone in 2016.

It is our mission at HABZ to connect people with people and provide substance users, their families and support persons with information and resources to help commence recovery from substance dependence. When possible, we believe that family should be the cornerstone of the recovery team. 

Not every person will be willing.  Not every person has to hit bottom. We want to help find the solution to engage the unwilling.

Our cores values are consistent with concepts of empowerment, commitment, collaboration, learning and partnership.

We are a private resource and do not receive funding from any state or government programs, working in collaboration with respected AOD professionals and treatment facilities who support and sponsor our efforts.

We are real people who have had experience with addiction and recovery — some of us firsthand, with others having seen the havoc it can wreak on family and friends. We firmly believe that recovery is possible for everyone and there is no tried-and-true formula that works for every person, so we have created a space to provide options for people impacted by substance use.

We recognise that substance use is a whole of community issue that is a complex blend of physical, social and emotional factors for both the user and the family.

Our foundations support and empower people in their recovery.

  • Our user friendly site will guide you through some of the processes and provide links to appropriate and valuable services.
  • We provide one-on-one personalised services from an experienced HABZ Facilitator whose will listen to your situation, offer support, provide options, information and possibilities.

Jane possesses an extremely strong community spirit which has been a huge asset throughout her inquiry into the devastation caused by drug addiction, specifically ICE addiction.  It was an emotional conversation with a young girl in a detox unit that saw Jane realise her passion for rehabilitation. This young girl was smart, sassy, well educated which proved that drugs don't discriminate.  This was someone's beautiful daughter. Seeing this young girl, wanting recovery from her struggle with her addiction to ICE, was an incredibly intense moment that showcased the damage caused by her substance use. This reality allowed Jane to see that she needed to play a part in helping the vulnerable and assisting them back on track as best she could. Sadly, this particular girl relapsed and was ultimately murdered by a high risk offender. The unfortunate circumstances surrounding her death, further cemented this urge to help turn around the horrendous devastation being caused by addiction.  Jane commenced her campaign by exploring the realm of ICE addiction and meeting with victims’ families in an effort to develop a deeper understanding of all the factors and emotions involved.

Jane is extremely passionate about social advocacy and with over 5 years of personal and evidence based research around the drug ICE under her belt, she quickly became known as a reliable resource in the field, with parents looking to confide in her and ask for her support and recommendations. Jane takes responsibility for maintaining a connection with both the family and their loved one which she believes is highly assertive and challenges the concept that subjectively defines willingness is necessary for recovery.  Jane has a strong focus that we need to engage the person rather than wait for a person to "hit rock bottom".   Jane became the co-founder of Bluebird House Female Facility and completed certifications in Alcohol and Other Drugs and Mental Health. To date, Jane has been assisting people from various backgrounds to commence their journey towards recovery, including helping to find the appropriate services and detox/rehab facilities, supporting those in recovery at Court as they deal with the carnage from their active addiction.  It was Jane’s experience working in law firms and throughout barrister chambers for Queens Counsel that helped her develop a strong understanding of the judicial system.  She became all too aware of the glaring flaws within the health system around drug rehabilitation, especially within rural areas. Having established a clear area that required further support, she attended the Australasian Professional Scientific Alcohol and Drug Conference in Sydney in 2016.

Embracing all of her knowledge and passion, Jane went on to create HABZ (an abbreviation for habits, habitats and rehabs), in an effort to provide the most comprehensive, helpful, informative and actionable information in the domain of addiction, treatment and recovery.   Jane provides a customised model of care that is catered to support and enable individuals towards recovery.

Thexton Lawyers

Our team of criminal lawyers have been involved in a range of criminal cases, including; assault, intervention order proceedings, drink driving offences and drug matters. If you have been charged, it is important to contact us as soon as possible to ensure that you are protected.

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Melinda Rodd - Naturopath


BHlthSc(Nat), AdvDipHSc(Nat), DipHlthSc(Nut), DipHlthSc(Herb Med), DipArts(InterDec&Des)


Melinda has been studying and researching natural medicine and healthcare for 18yrs. During this time, Melinda has spent over 4yrs traveling and working overseas to more than 40 countries gaining great insight to people, culture, health and diseases abroad.

Melinda is a qualified naturopath, who went from managing organic/health food stores during her studies, into natural ingredient supply, contract manufacturing and product design in North America and Australia. Melinda spent 8yrs working for a practitioner only company in Melbourne, in which she was designing healthcare supplements and herbal liquid tonics as well as training naturopaths. Melinda was involved in the entire cycle of product development including design; marketing; sales; writing labels, technical data sheets and product manuals as well as running seminars.

Throughout these 18yrs, Melinda has had a passion in personal development in which she believes is paramount to health and disease and compliments natural medicine. During these 18yrs Melinda has spent many hours reading books and doing workshops and retreats on personal development, as well as doing yoga, detox and meditation workshops and retreats in Australia and abroad. Melinda currently practices bikram and power flow yoga, but has practiced many forms of yoga.

Melinda believes that what we put in our body directly effects our mental and emotional state and our mental and emotional state directly affects how we process nutrients from our food. It’s a vicious cycle. In order for the human body to function adequately, it requires the right nutrition, environment as well as the right mental and emotional stimulation. What we see, hear, taste, ingest and smell creates powerful chemical reactions within the entire ecosystem of a living human body. It’s very important that each person’s needs are meet accordingly to who they truly are and what works for them as a person, as “one man’s food can often be another man’s poison”, meaning what works for one, may not work another and often many people haven’t spent the time to truly connect to who they really are and what works for them and makes them feel happy, content or at peace.

Melinda has a passion for helping people to connect to their true nature and inspire people to make the appropriate changes in life in order to live accordingly to our natural laws and instincts to maintain a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

"Having decided my life needed a drastic change I finally admitted I needed help, I couldn't continue down the path I was on alone. I linked myself in with public help services in my area that supported me to go into a sober living transitional house that Jane Stone co-founded. It was far from where I lived but little did I know it would become home. Through my addiction and personal family circumstances I had no family or positive supports in my life. I was scared going into the clean transitional house and out of my element, but anything had to be better then the life I was leading. I was in so much pain that it had overridden the fear initially. While living in the sober accommodation with another young girl, also recovering from addiction, it was on our way to the train station to attend a 12 step meeting, that I first first met Jane.   Jane was well known to the girl I was living with and she later told me how Jane had supported her in early stages of recovery.  

After leaving the transitional house due to lack of funding, I found myself lost, scared and alone. I was determined to continue my recovery so I decided I would rather be homeless than go back to the life I knew in my DHS block of flats.  Here is where Jane again found me, being the beautifully kindhearted woman she is, she took me under her wing.   Jane supported me over a couple of days and then drove me to a rehab assessment where I was offered a community bed in a private facility.   I was overwhelmed and anxious, but Jane supported me on the way home by helping me understand the gift I had been given.  Jane helped me pack my things and drove me to my new place of residence for the next 3 months.  Rehab was terrifying and I found myself wanting to leave even know I had nowhere else to go.   I think I wrote Jane 30+ letters to come and get me.  It is tough facing the facts, coping with my past sober and looking at myself. As a addict I am skilled in denial and avoidance to cope with daily living.  Jane came to visit me regularly and would support me to stay and give me the confidence I needed to get through another week or two.  3 months later I had completed the program.  Jane came and attended my Impact Ceremony as my support person.  It was that day that Jane, knowing my circumstances,  supported me until I got on my feet and guided me through the court process to deal with the carnage from my past.  

I am now in private rental and one year clean and sober with so much gratitude for Jane - I couldn't have done this without her.  After 7 years of using drugs I never thought I could give it up, deal with my trauma and learn how to live clean and sober in this world. Turned out all I needed was to be loved back to life and supported by people who actually care for my well being and I could change it all around. Jane is a big part of my early recovery story and we are still in contact today!"


"My life was spiraling out of control in terms of my drug use and behaviour.  I had been on the run from my family and the police.  My dad had spent days on end driving around the State in search of me trying to save me from my addiction.   

Looking back now, I see that there were so many things I was running from.  After having brain surgery, wearing a beanie to cover up the ugly scars for months and told I could no longer play contact sports caused me a lot of sadness, anger and I hated looking at myself in the mirror.   

Looking for an escape from the emotions that overwhelmed and consumed me, I turned to drugs.  However, there was an aspect to my addiction that stemmed purely from peer group pressure, wanting the party life and just not giving a shit.

I must admit, having only just finished year 11, the school had not provided true education in relation to Ice and I was not aware of its ingredients or just how powerful and mind altering the drug was.  Education that was and is much needed.

Dad did eventually find me and that search didn’t come easy for him or without chaos and drama, which had become the story of my life.   At one point, Dad took me to my grandmother’s a few hours away, but a week with nan was simply just some time to eat and sleep. Once I was back home, I was planning my next escape back to my drug life. 

Due to my extreme jaw-clenching during a methamphetamine high, I honestly believed I had broken my braces and they were poking me.  I became fixated that they had to be removed which led me to hours and hours in front of the mirror pulling my braces off with a fork. Once off, I then spent hours scratching the glue off my teeth.  Ice is so powerful and mind altering.    

One afternoon whilst using with my friends I almost looked death in the eyes when bullets were fired through the front window of the house.  Shit had just become real!  Scared, paranoid and agitated, I had no option but to return home.

I was given an ultimatum by my parents to meet with a support worker and to attend an NA support group meeting.  That support worker was Jane.  I looked at Jane and immediately thought "she doesn’t look like she’s ever been on drugs".   I’m sure Jane will recall how I rocked into the meeting high with a bad attitude and simply did not want to be there.  I sat through that support group meeting, fidgeting, tapping my leg, checking my phone and thinking nothing other than where I could get my next deal from.

Jane sat beside me giving me a smile but I knew, that she knew, I was not ready and going to be difficult.  I did not need support or help - I just thought I would cut down on my using.  That little disease of addiction was telling me I didn’t help, that I was okay and not as bad as others.

The following week was hell.  Withdrawing, fighting with my parents , no money, no job and criminal proceedings pending, I had to face reality and called Jane.  

It was a Tuesday night, Jane took me to another support group meeting, but this time it was different because I hadn’t used for a week.  Jane handed me a rock and gave me a few tips on how to surf the urge, and deal with my intense anxiety.  Let me tell you, those tips are still very useful today. 

There was plenty of shame, guilt and remorse, along with the mental compulsion and physical craving.  I was extremely vulnerable, however, hearing other addicts share their life stories, made me see myself in a different light.  Everyone in the rooms were looking for connection.  There connection was with the drug, but the rooms provided them with connection to others feeling the same.  There was one girl in the room who shared her using experiences that resonated with me.   Although she was older than me, I could see my life and where I was headed and, I certainly did not want to be her in 5 years time.   I looked at Jane and whispered “that’s me – I’m the same”.   A lightbulb moment.   Jane asked me if I was ready to surrender myself and ready for support in getting me where I need to be.  It was after the meeting that I realised how many in the support group knew Jane and how supportive she was of their recovery.

The following morning, Wednesday, I was somewhat freaked out that Jane had made an appointment for me to see a GP.  I was so anxious and ashamed going to the doctors, however, I’m grateful Jane was there to support me during the consultation.  Jane told me it was all going to be okay and I trusted her.   Jane calmly supported me, explained what the consultation would involve and provided direction. There were many things I didn’t know to ask.  In that consultation, Jane just let me talk and made a few suggestions in relation to my health and well-being.  Jane just knew how it had to be done with understanding and empathy, without any judgment. I just simply did not have the ability, direction or the motivation to help myself.

As we left the doctors I remember feeling so relieved that I had just made the first step of helping myself.  I did it.  I remember on the way home, blurting out to Jane “by the way, I have a warrant out for my arrest”.  I was just so relieved to have told someone - this had been hanging over my head for so long and I just couldn’t deal with it nor did I know how to deal with it.   I was ashamed, I was not a criminal, yet my drug use changed who I was.  Immediately, Jane did a U-turn and explained to me that we could deal with the warrant if we went to the police station.  I started freaking out and having an anxiety attack thinking I was going to be locked up.  Jane assured me that it would be okay, that she would hand me in to the police station and that they would re-bail me and give me a new court date.   And that’s exactly what happened.  I had been running from the police for months scared of being arrested, yet Jane just walked in and supported me during the entire process.

On the way home from the GP and the police station, I felt really proud that I had achieved so much in one day and finally my life felt like things were starting to change.  At was at this point, I became willing to seek recovery.

Jane supported me during my assessments with several facilities.   It was Thursday and I knew that if she could not secure a bed for me by the weekend, I would be off.  Ready to run again, the mental compulsion and physical cravings were becoming unbearable. Jane worked tirelessly to get me into a facility, but were not able to secure a bed in the public system.  Jane spoke to my parents and negotiated fees for me to enter a private facility.

By Friday, I was off to rehab.  My parents had to pay big bucks, however, they knew that this small window of opportunity meant now or never.  I was so grateful.   Leaving mum and dad was so difficult, however, I was so glad Jane picked me up and drove me there so I could just leave all the emotion at home.  I had caused enough pain and worry for my family and didn’t want to put them through the emotional trauma of checking me into a drug rehab.

It wasn’t easy going by any means, establishing daily routines, having conflict with others in the house and, I know, I test the waters on many occasions with old behavior.  However, there were many good times and great activities to try for the first time.  I remember hating the idea of yoga and refused to participate, however, after a few weeks, yoga became essential in my recovery.

I appreciate Jane's continued support since exiting the program and I am proud to say that I am 6 months drug free.

So, Jane – I want to thank you for everything you have done and I appreciate you not giving up on me, even when I was an absolute bitch.   Having your support over the last six months allowed me to overcome many obstacles.  The support you have given me and my family has been amazing, although, I know at times not always easy. 

With all your help and guidance I now have a trainee-ship and a job I love. I am looking forward to my future and totally agree with you that it’s easy to live a clean life compared to the drama and chaos living in addiction.

Forever grateful,"


"To Jane,

Thank you for all your care and continued support with our daughter. 

When a family don't know what to do and because they are so emotionally attached to the person it becomes too hard to make a decision.  So when we discovered out daughter was addicted to methamphetamine and needed urgent help, we phoned many programs but were uncertain and too scared to make the move.  We also realised the enormity of the problem existing within our public health system  with 6-9 month waiting lists.  As a family, we felt we just had to sit there as the clock ticks by waiting for the next drama to unfold when your child simply can't deal with the mental compulsion or physical craving any longer.

A lady recommended Jane to us, so we phoned and asked for her support and assistance.  Within days Jane had our daughter agreeing to take some baby steps towards seeking help.  Within two weeks, Jane had negotiated a facility and was driving out of our driveway with our darling girl in her care, on the way to rehab.

Jane not only won our daughter's trust but she also helped our entire family enormously.  She just stepped in and virtually organised all the little things we found too difficult and overwhelming to handle.  Jane kept in contact with the facility to ensure our daughter was managing and liaised with the facility in relation to legal matters.

Our girl is still clean today and we are so grateful for Jane's ongoing support.  Jane has helped with personal development, gaining employment and all legal matters.  She is only ever a phone call away.  Cannot recommend Jane hihgly enough.  Thank you Jane for all that you have done and continue to do for us."

Renee & Wayne

"Dear Jane,

Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to speak with our son.  

We were so grateful that you were able to arrange for him to be assessed that afternoon and given the opportunity to enter a withdrawal program the following day.

We also appreciate your time in speaking with us and providing education and suggestions on how to manage our approach to the situation. 

The system is fragmented, however, having someone like you available to get the process moving was a god send to us. 

We truly appreciate your time and effort.

Yours sincerely,"

John and Ursula

"Dear Jane,

Today we are not stuck in the emotions you explained to us.  We do have hope and better skills in setting our own boundaries without disconnecting from my brother.

Dealing with someone you love in active addiction is very mentally and emotionally exhausting.  The fact you were able to get him to admit the extent of his using and provide him with options to enter a program gave us all so much hope.  I am forever grateful that you gave him the opportunity to view the facility prior to agreeing to enter.  Seeing the facility removed so much fear and anxiety, allowing him to make his own decision to go.  We still have a long way to go, however, he knows what he can seek support without judgment and continue on his path to recovery. 

I thank you for your care, empathy and understanding when talking with him.  We love him but just didn't know how to help him.  You as the buffer, that third person, gave him hope that recovery is possible.

Forever thankful,"


"Dear Jane,

I was so broken and had no idea where to go or what to do.  I had just landed on my aunt's doorstep seeking help.  I had made the decision that I wanted to get off the drugs and get my life back.  The problem was the long waiting lists in the public system preventing me in getting that help.  My family did not have the money required for private rehab and there was no way I would want them to pay such a high price for my recovery.  My aunt contacted you and you came to see me.   You were genuine and very caring about my well-being and knew that I could not remain on waiting lists for months.

Talking to you made me feel relieved and maybe there was some hope.  That hope came the following day when you asked me whether I would consider telling my story.  You went above and beyond and spoke to people about my story and managed to negotiate a deal to get me into a private facility.  It was not an easy task, but with my family by my side and your support, I did it.  You made it happen.  I was given the gift of recovery and could not have done it without you.  I see you supporting so many young girls now and I know they are in great hands with you walking beside them.  It's the follow up care you provide, the suggestions you make, the support in Court and all the other significant things you do that help those wanting recovery where they need to be. I am clean today but life in recovery has not been easy but I am determined to get where I need to be. 

Love Always,"